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 Introduction to Our Company

We are a company that sells chair mats and door or floor mats in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our chair mats are meant for carpet flooring and wooden flooring. We also do door entrance mats and other types of floor mats.  We are in this business for more than a decade and we have the experience and expertise to cater to your requirements in door entrance floor matting.



We have different types of floor mats like 3M Coil mats, 3M Tough Rib mats, Aluminium door entrance mats, 3M Safety- walk, Slip-Resistant Rubber mats, chair mats, carpet mats, rubber stud lift mats, kitchen mats, toilet floor mat and other safety purpose mats. We have standard size mats as well as custom make according to the design and wording or company logo.





Aluminium Entrance Mat



Aluminium entrance mat is recommended for commercial and industrial areas. An efficient entrance matting system to remove dirt, moisture and grit introduced on visitors feet, before it can be carried inside a building. Use for heavy duty pedestrian traffic areas and very  durable for use inside and outside a covered doorway.                     


We sell 3M Safety-Walk which is designed

for different purposes using peel and stick Slip

resistant Tapes and Treads with different width

and design patterns and colours, for light to   heavy shoe-traffic areas and for wet, barefoot- traffic areas. Safety-Walk prevents fall due to slippery floor surfaces and also at staircase as well as gradual slope.


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