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Aluminium Entrance Mat

We have aluminium mat that is recommended for interior and exterior for commercial and industrial areas. It can also be used in residential homes or entrances to high end condominiums. It requires only a shallow well for the aluminium mat to sit on and be tightly fitted into the ground. Base of mat is mechanically fitted with rubber inserts underneath for anti slip and noise reduction. This product is made in USA.

 We welcome all enquiries and requests for quotations and more details on our aluminium entrance mat and we customised according to your sizes.

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This aluminium entrance matting  allows waste to drop through or be retained in channels between the rails and at the same time cleans the soles of shoes before dust and dirt are brought into the building, thus reducing the cost of removing dirt and keeps the shine of your beautiful floor. It also prevents floor surface from getting damaged and helps to reduce maintenance costs.                                                               Send Enquiry

















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