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About Our Products

Our products are of good quality at a reasonably fair price. Our range of matting consists of different varieties with different uses. We sell all types of matting such as chair mat, aluminium floor mat, car mat, plastic mat, kitchen mat, door mat, and many more. They are effective in removing and trapping dirt and moisture below shoe level. We have a wide selection of  standard commercial sizes and numerous custom sizes to make finding the right mats for your needs can be quick and easy.

Chair Mat for carpet and wood floor Chair mat to protect carpet Chair mat with Lip
 Rubber Stud   Lift Mat Coil Mat Rib/Carpet Mat

                             Aluminium Entrance Mat

Aluminium mat that is recommended for interior and exterior for commercial and heavy walking traffic areas. It can also be used in residential homes or entrances to high end condominiums. Mostly used at entrances to shopping complexes, banks, hotels, airports, stadiums, hospitals and high pedestrians walking areas. It requires only a shallow well for the aluminium mat to rest and sit within a base frame and tightly fitted into the ground or recess.


 3M Safety Walk 

Peel-and-Stick Slip-Resistant Tapes and Treads for light to heavy shoe-traffic areas and for  slopes as well as wet, barefoot-traffic areas. Good for anti-slip work areas.



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