MyPreference Aluminium Entrance Mat 20mm

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Ensure that your building is clean and free from dust and grime


MyPreference heavy duty entrance matting is built to fit into the entrance floor of buildings like shopping complexes, offices, hotels, airports, restaurants, banking halls, sporting clubs and wellness centres and even residential high end condominiums. It is very suitable and effective for high traffic volume areas. The purpose of having the mat is to ensure that your building is clean and free from dust and grime which is the function of the mat to effectively remove dirt from shoes before entering your building.

MyPreference door or carpet mat comes in two monochrome colours, Black & Grey with durable features for high performance. The mat can be placed to sit in a 20 mm deep matwell inside the floor surface. It comes in aluminium rails with bristled carpet inserts and joined together by a connector with gaps that allow waste to fall into the recess below so as to keep your building clean inside. The floor carpet mat can be cleaned by normal vacuuming of the mat surface and the mat can be rolled up and cleaning can be done easily inside the recess. The carpet insert has strong bristles designed with dual fiber matting to remove soil particles from shoes as well as excess water moisture so as to reduce floor maintenance inside your building.

The product is made up of anodised extrusion rails with heavy duty nylon textile carpet tread inserts from USA that have dual fibre design using coarse bristles and polypropylene fibres with latex strip underlay for excellent dirt and water removal. The carpet insert has crush resistant fibres to keep it durable for longer term use.


Technical Specifications

  • Clear anodised aluminium NA 10 MICRON extrusion rails come with joint flexible PVC H80 connectors and end fillers with shore hardness (80+/-5) at both sides for adjustment of traffic direction
  • Open gap connector with 24 mm length and 5 mm width to allow dirt to fall into the mat well
  • Aluminium alloy AA6063-T5 extrusions
  • 20 mm mat height and 35.6 mm wide per rail
  • Carpet insert mat of 31.5 mm width
  • Profile spacing of 5 mm between anodised rails
  • Weight p/sq metre is 17.5 kg
  • Rolls up for convenient recessed cleaning

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  1. Saran

    Appreciate your high quality Aluminium Entrance Mat product and on your kind advice and consultation during your site measurementšŸ˜Š
    My Clients are very satisfied and happy.
    Will recommend to all of my customers.
    Thank you.

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