Surface Mounted (Non-Recessed) MyPremium Aluminium Entrance Mat 12mm


MyPREMIUM entrance mat is built for entrances into commercial, industrial, and residential buildings such as shopping complexes, offices, hotels, hospitals, wellness centres and condominiums. The mat ensures that your building is clean from dirt and grime by effectively capturing them from footwear upon entry. This also preserves floor shine and reduces maintenance needs within your building.

Our product can accommodate entrances without recess for surface mounted mat not having to hack the floor to create a recess thus saving your beautiful floor stone in order to lay the mat to create a presentable entrance.

MyPREMIUM entrance mat comes in four attractive colors with durable high performance features. Cleaning is simple with normal surface vacuuming and easy access to the matwell recess by rolling up the carpet mat.

MyPREMIUM entrance mat can be either installed into a recessed matwell or finished with a ramped frame. Aluminium rails with carpet inserts are joined together by gapped connectors to capture loose waste and dirt in the matwell. Our 3M polypropylene carpet insert features a ribbed dual fiber design to remove soil and absorb moisture from footwear. Its crush resistant loop pile structure ensure long term durability.

Technical Specifications

  • Anodised aluminium NA 10 MICRON AA6063-T5 extrusion rails (12mm height x 47.5mm width per rail)
  • 3M polypropylene carpet inserts (32mm width)
  • Joint flexible open gap PVC H80 connectors (24mm length x 5mm width)
  • End fillers with shore hardness (80+/-5) on both sides for adjustment of traffic direction
  • Profile spacing of 5mm between rails
  • Weight per square metre – 11.8 kg
  • Rolls up for easy recess cleaning
  • Taper Beveled Frame for surface mounted without matwell


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